Welcome to the new blog

Having posted various projects over the years online, I have decided to try and concentrate on sharing my work in one place. I can’t promise to post regularly due to the sporadic nature of progress (shift work doesn’t help!) but I will get some pics up when there is something worthwhile.

So what are my interests? Currently its anything post 2013 on the Scottish network. A layout is in the planning stage and I have built the baseboards- Tim Horn kits.



Here we have a couple of recent locos on the bench. 37423 is a standard Bachmann loco but has had Rainbow Railways resin ends fitted. Numbers and names are from Railtec Transfers. Its sound fitted with Legomanbiffo sound files.

67007 has had body fitted Kadee couplings and the various pipework added. It started out as 67024 but again its been renumbered using Railtec products.




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